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Wining Out With the Girls Again!

So while on Spring Break, I once again got together with the godmothers from Sacramento, Claudia and Audra to do the winery thing!  We went back to our favorite winery-Mount Vernon and found the owner behind the bar this time.   I handed him my phone, pointing out my blog, which of course has the winery in it.   He read through my last entry and noted that we would be tasting 19 wines this time-YES-that was 19!  Since I was technically the DD, I bowed out on the drier wines and waited for the girls to catch up on the sweet ones.  I was delighted to catch up on my wine club orders, as they still had the special on the port-BOGO for a penny. While talking with the owner, we heard about some of the new plans for the property.  Have I mentioned that they have a picnic area and do special dinners for the wine club members?

Mt. Vernon Winery

Mt. Vernon Winery

I haven’t been able to take part in these, as I live too far away and haven’t timed my trip just right to make it. Next of course, we had to check out another new winery, so we ended up at Wise Villa. This is a slightly more upscale winery with a dining room and a view over the surrounding hills to die for.  Looking out the front while we were there, was the most beautiful view of the vineyard.  You can see it behind us in the picture.

Wise Villa Winery

Wise Villa Winery

Of course, after all of that wine tasting, we had to go for a bite at Awful Annie’s again.

Wining Out with the Girls-Part 2, Spring Break 2014


Mt. Vernon Winery in the Picnic Area

I  headed back to Auburn with the godmothers and people I used to work with for another chapter of wine sampling in the Auburn, California hills.  We all agreed to go back to Mt. Vernon Winery and then find one additional winery to visit.  This time the person pouring the samples was non-other than the wine maker himself.  This time we sampled 13 (yes you read that right-thirteen) wines.  They were all just as good as before, only more.  We took some more pictures outside in the picnic area and went crazy buying our bottles.  Well, at least I did!  Seems someone special ordered a whole bunch of wine.  Something happened, and what a deal we got-buy one, get one for a penny.  You would not believe what variety it fell into-Port.  So figuring this was a good way of getting gifts for people in addition to the bottles for me, I went crazy.  I joined the wine club this time.  I do have to follow up with them though, as I have heard nothing.  I am sure it was my fault and had something to do with an e-mail confirmation.  It will happen!  We had such a great time, and plan to go back to Mt. Vernon every time we have a get together with the girls.  Now, in talking with the wine maker, we took his suggestion for the other winery we would visit that day and that would be Vino Castellano.  Vino Castellano has their wine tasting room built into a stone cave with their aging barrels there along with the tasting bar and gift shop.  They focus on Spanish varieties, leaning toward the drier wines.  No Moscato to my dismay, but I still found something I liked and made a purchase.    And of course, we had to top the wine tasting off  with a visit to Awful Annie’s Restaurant in Old Town Auburn.  Great surroundings, great discourse and great friends!

Keep an eye out for part 3!  We tried, but the only day we could get together was a Tuesday.  Guess what?  None of the wineries in the area are open on Tuesday, so we had to settle for a movie and lunch.  But something tells me we will once again be headed to Mt. Vernon Winery and one other in the future.

Wining Out with the Girls, Summer 2013

California has long been known for its Napa Valley wineries.  I actually lived in Sacramento, California once upon a time-but not always.  When I moved to California, one of the first things that happened was a wine and cheese meet and greet at our apartment complex.  Not being a wine drinker at the time, I showed up with a screw on cap bottle of cheap wine.  Laugh all you want , but it wasn’t until after the party was rolling that I realized I was in California, not too far from Napa Valley and that I had really made a mistake in my wine selection.

Jump forward about 27 years. I still am not really an expert at wine, but I do have my preferences.  Now my favorite is some variety of Moscato, still screw on cap.  I do occasionally indulge in a more expensive, corked bottle of wine now.  I now have occasion to get up to the northern part of Nevada where my son attends school.  And it isn’t all that far to drive back down the hill to reconnect with the godmothers of my children.  So the girls (the godmothers and other people we used to work with) and I make a new regular habit of getting together to do something.  One of the girls lives near Auburn, a more recent wine mecca.  So we all decide one day to go check out  a couple of the wineries in the area.  Our local connection tells us we have to go to Mt. Vernon winery that day.  Now most wineries offer wine tasting of  5 or 6 wines for a fee of about $5 which is waved if you buy a bottle.  Now let it be said, the wineries you find in California most likely do not have any Moscato.  After our experience with tasting, I can say with confidence that I lean sweet and usually end up with a bottle of Port.


Visiting Mt. Vernon Winery

But now I have veered way off topic.  So here we are at Mt. Vernon Winery out under the arbor. We sampled 11 (yes-that is eleven) wines that day.  Some in the group even slowed down and didn’t sample that many.  Who does that-offers that many wine samples?  Needless to say I think we all bought a bottle.  The winery also has an arbor covered with flowering vines in one part of the property and a picnic area just outside of the sampling room.  The picnic area has tables, chairs, an antique pick-up and other antique wine making pieces-which makes for some very nice photo ops, whether one is serious or just hamming it up.

We also visited Lone Buffalo Vineyards that day.  It was a newer place, at least newer location.  They offered the expected normal number of wines to taste.  The decorations were more of a western theme with a focus on buffalo.  They were a bit eclectic by offering items for sale by local artists.  I purchased a wonderful piece of pottery that I couldn’t keep my eyes off-as well as a bottle or two of wine.  All in all it was fun day wining out with the girls.  After all of those wine samples, our tummys  let us know that they wanted to be fed.  So we started another tradition that day.  We went to Awful Annie’s Restaurant.

Located in Old Town Auburn in an old building with both indoor and outdoor seating, it is a very nice and very popular place to go.  But it too is now part of our tradition of Wining Out With the Girls.