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Not the Usual Wining Out With the Girls

After finishing my radiation, I was raring to go again-that is get out of Vegas and just be somewhere else.  One of my excursions was to Reno to visit my son.  That of course means meeting up with the girls for a wine trip.  Unfortunately, the day that we could all get together, was not the day our favorite winery was open.  What to do?  We found that we could hop on over to Truckee to visit a winery there and then head on down to Carson City for a winery in town there. The Truckee River Winery, as wineries go, is very unassuming.  The wine service was extremely friendly.  The tasting center is surrounded by the beauty that abounds in the Truckee area.  They also sell other wine paraphenalia, ice cream and snacks if you have the kiddos along, and can even make up some goodies to go along with wine tasting. The wine was fabulous, and they even had a desert wine for me.  One of the group said she would meet us in town and was going to hike the trail that runs along the river.

Truckee River Winery

Truckee River Winery

We found a place in Carson City called Tahoe Ridge Winery.  This winery originally was open to the public out in the farmlands of the Carson Valley and moved into Carson City.  We went around lunch and ate in their bistro as well.  They have everything there.  The food is a little eclectic-meant for those who are into wine.  It is the kind of food that you don’t find everywhere.  We all loved our food and then finished it off with wine tasting and purchases.  The indoor surroundings have a very warm feel.  Mission accomplished-we still found two wineries open to visit.  My apologies, I didn’t take any pictures and I am not smart enough to highjack the one that someone else in the group did take.

Bacon Lovers-Rejoice!

Alright, I have a new favorite place to eat in Reno.  The conversation traditionally has been (no matter who I am with) so where do you want to eat.  I don’t know, where do you want to eat? This place will definitely be added to the must visit every time I am in Reno, probably more than once.    This place is for bacon lovers, starting with the Bacon Bloody Marys, right on through the 50/50 Bacon Burgers.   Everything has a down home, comfort food feel.   There were collard greens the first night we were there.  They had a Portuguese soup with beans and some sort of spicy meat-absolutely excellent!  It also happens to major in barbecue. We ended up going there twice for dinner also.  It is called BJ’s Nevada Barbecue Company and is located in Sparks just down the road to the east of Victorian Square.  We ended up going there for breakfast twice. Breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy, and pecan cinnamon sticky rolls for starters.   They serve French toast just the way I like it-with butter and powdered sugar.  Neither of us had ever had grits, so they brought us a healthy sized sample to try.  They were very good as well.  But to die for (we ordered them 3 times in one week) was the bread pudding with bourbon sauce.  Since we were too full, that went back to the hotel with us.  It also went home with us the day we left.

BJ's Nevada Barbecue Company

BJ’s Nevada Barbecue Company