Wining Out With the Girls Thanksgiving

As my trips to Reno are coming to an end in the next year, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to meet up with the girls and do the wine thing.  Once again, we went to Mt. Vernon and worked our way through what has got to be the longest wine tasting list around.  I have been around some now, in several states, and have yet to come up with a list anywhere near as long.  They were really busy during the Thanksgiving weekend, but we did our usual catching up with the servers behind the bar.

Mt. Vernon Winery Thanksgiving

Mt. Vernon Winery Thanksgiving

The new one this time was a small (fairly new?) winery called the Fawnridge Winery.  Oh my gosh, we had fun at this one.  We had a wonderful time chatting with the owner and some of the other patrons.  They have a wide variety of other items for sale. I brought home a wine bottle shaped night light, a new wine sign for in my house and some Port Chocolate Wine Sauce as well as wine.  They also sell a variety of flavored oils.  Food samples as well, with extremely well picked wine pairings.  To top it off, when we drove down the hill, there was a deer standing right there.

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