Quilting Once Again

I have some really bad habits-habits like playing certain games for hours on end on Facebook, when I am not working.  I do this despite having so many other things that I could be doing.  Playing those games is my way of chilling out, and I do a LOT of chilling out.  Anyway, I finally got the “bug” to do something besides those games.  When we took the cruise to Alaska, I had bought a panel and four corner squares from a quilting store in Skagway with a wolf theme for my son.  Now that it sat for over a year, I finally decided to get back to it.  I went and bought the coordinating fabrics, a new sewing machine-since mine from 36 years ago finally died, made the design on paper and got to work.  I just didn’t want you to think that I totally forgot about the blog for no reason.  So here it is, all pieced together.  I have since put the layers together and starting to do the actual quilting.

The Reason

The Reason

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