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Mount Charleston-The Heat Escape

I apologize for not doing any entries for awhile.  I have been fighting cancer and have found myself kept extremely busy with that.  That has kept me stuck in Las Vegas, when I would rather be in cooler places (both temperature and activity wise).  Locals who cannot truly escape the heat in the valley, head for Mount Charleston.  I have done that twice in recent weeks just to be somewhere cooler.  We have now had 29 days in a row of 100+ temperatures, with the highest being 114 degrees.  I for one cannot stand the 114 dry days and would rather have 105 humid days.  Monsoons are here and we have just come off of a few days with rainstorms.  That means that one part of town may have torrential downpours, while another area doesn’t even get a drop.  There was a really cool pictures taken of a torrential downpour west of the airport, by someone in a plane.  I saw it on facebook.  Wish I could take credit for that one.  At any rate, a friend and I headed for the mountain one day when it was 113 in the valley.  We first stopped at the new and now open Spring Mountains Visitor Center.  Well done!  Unique to this visitor’s center is a mangled propeller from a plane that crashed in the area.  This is meant as a memorial, as are a couple of other items they have outside the visitor’s center.

We continued up to the top of Kyle Canyon where there are a lot of residences and Cathedral Rock which is part of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.   Cathedral Rock is a picnic area, hiking area and possibly a camping area.Moving back down the hill partially, we took the connecting road over to Lee Canyon and headed to the top there.  Surprisingly, we found a lot of horses grazing on the grass in the ski area and the meadows.  I knew there were wild horses at the top of the mountain, but I had never thought of them coming down near the people that might be around.  We got to wait on the road for awhile, so that construction season could occur on the road.  But ultimately, we got what we came for.  The temperature outside under somewhat overcast skies was 78 degrees-much more enjoyable than 113.  As we coasted down the mountain, I noticed there were a lot of horse trailers parked in one of the parking areas.    I found out later that there are trails and parking specifically for the horses.  I also imagine that many horse owners take their horses up there where they won’t suffer heat stroke when they are exercised.

Today, I went to lunch with my mother-in-law and decided maybe it would be nice to go up the mountain again.  It was only headed for 100 degrees today in the valley-but it was a slightly humid 100 as we are on the tail end of those monsoons.   Well the skies were blue with really nice clouds today, so I got some pictures of that.  We only saw 3 horses total this time, but the weather was devine. The top of Lee Canyon has extensive camping areas and the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.  During the summer, the ski area (for a charge) runs one of their chair lifts for those who want to get up to a higher elevation. At the top of Lee Canyon, it was windy and the temperature was 66 degrees.  Wow-and of course I had to drive back down to the 100 degrees in the valley.